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Cross My Heart: II


She would have let go. She-would-have-let-go. Had to say it twice, well, think it. It was just that confusing to him.


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Chapter 1 art

Cross My Heart: I

Never Let You Go.

The moon; I hadn’t seen the moon before.


This beautiful, glowing orb suspended in the dark blue sky that seemed to consist of sparkling velvet, small gems embedded in the soft darkness, wrapping around the outside of the world in a warm blanket of security and comfort. I had dreamed of it, for a long time; this moon, this shimmering, iridescent orb. I had dreamed of stepping barefooted, without the tight-fitting long-fall boots curving around my aching feet, calloused and sore from overuse, on soft grass, springy and fresh, spreading out amongst this field of green. No longer present was the sharp smell of chemicals that burnt my nose, the pristine walls of a decrepit, long abandoned facility, but a world that shone underneath the brightness of the moon. Yeah, a field of springy fresh grass… spread out around me like the ocean.


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Cover for my fanfiction, which is about to be submitted. I swear to god, as absolutely terrified as I am that she’s not ready… I have to stop editing.

It’s high time… I have to do this.

After some voting (One voter really, two including me) This is the summary:

Promises are meant to be broken, that’s what GLaDOS believed, but for Chell, some promises need to be followed through, and escaping with her only ever friend is one she plans to keep. 
Post Portal 2 AU, Implied Chelley, T 

Portal belongs to Valve
But Cross My Heart is my baby, and if you touch her with any type of literature/art stealing hands, I will cut you. I spent months of my life making this story, and even now she’s not completed. But she will be, and she will shine like an angel.